Exploring Atlanta’s modern fashion

Nothing makes me happier than seeing resort wear styles rolling out in my favorite retailers! I have said this time and time again that while I love fall fashion, I live for the weather of spring and summer. These pieces always have me so excited for the warmer days ahead! I deiced to do a HUGE round-up of all my latest resort wear finds – which ended up being more than 80 products! If you are heading somewhere warm soon, well then this post is for you…

  • I recently did a post on the most shopped products that I posted about this year, and today I wanted to take it a step further and highlight the items that I loved most in 2023!
  • While there is a touch of overlap I am focusing on so many new products, particularly the beauty items that I don’t always get around to chatting about, as well as the tried and true products that you just may be sick of hearing about!